Water Environment and Climate Change

Knowledge Sharing and Partnership

The high increase rates of population in the developing world and climate change has produced more stress on the water resources affecting the environment adversely. A concern has been raised to formulate climate resilient policies for sustainable development.

Despite rising awareness among the masses, there is still a gap between practicality and theoretical knowledge imparted to them. Moreover, despite warning from the experts, there is a lack of coordination between scientific knowledge and best practices suited for water resources and environmental management. Keeping in mind the challenges posed to the country at large for water, environment and climate change, the theme has been zeroed down to- “Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership.”

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Dr. Han Seung-soo

Former Prime Minister- The Republic of Korea


Mr. Araral Eduardo

Director, Institute of Water Policy, NUS.


Ms. Yumiko Noda

Partner, Head of PPP and Infrastructure (Asia Pacific)


Dr. Bindu N. Lohani

President, TRC, Nepal

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When is the deadline for Abstract Submission?

We will accept submissions for abstract till 31st October, 2017.

You are free to submit your abstract a few days from the deadline. We may consider your paper into our conference.​

Depending on the Research Paper/Work, we can waive the registration fee for a limited entries. Please contact through our official mail for the same.

Yes, we indeed have an Exhibition event and various Side Events on related topics.