Organization Structure


Water sources are constantly drying up causing sever scarcity of drinking water due to increased urbanization and industrialization. The effect of pollution, contamination and environmental degradation on long term quality of life is of growing concern. These issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene must be addressed and highlighted to raise awareness among the people, society and government.

Society of Public Health Engineers, Nepal (SOPHEN) aws established in 1990 AD (2047 B.S.) as an independent professional organization of water, sanitation and public health engineers, at present SOPHEN has nearly 400 members and most of them are life members of the Society.

SOPHEN is governed by Executive Committee of 11 members elected by the general members of the society. The Executive Committee supported by various committees and sub-committees implements policies and directives of the General Body executes day to day function.

Some of the major responsibilities of SOPHEN include the enhancement of the technical and professional competency of the members; work for the protection of the basic professional rights of its members and support the Government and other agencies in the formulation of the policies or strategies and implementation of program in the area of public health. 

SOPHEN is committed to carry out various professional activities that are intended to bring qualitative results to remove the sanitary and environmental conditions of the country. It aims to work in the association with other professional bodies in the area of water supply, sanitation, public health and environment.


SOPHEN was established with the vision of: 

  1. protecting professional rights, 
  2. enhancing professional development, 
  3. improving technology by providing forum for knowledge sharing among professional working in the field of public health and 
  4. overall development of the country through progress Public Health engineering sector thereby creating clean, green, open and dynamic society in which people have access to safe, adequate water and sanitation in a healthy environment.

The mission of SOPHEN is to contribute towards the enhancement of an improved urban and rural environment. 

SOPHEN has the following objectives:

  • Dissemination of state of art technology among engineers, practitioners, policymakers and communities.
  • Capacity building of engineers (members) through various training, seminars, talk programs and workshops etc. 
  • Establishment of linkages with national and international agencies and joint effort towards Research and Development (R&D) works. 
  • Help raise awareness among stakeholders regarding water, sanitation and environment. 
  • Support Government to formulate and implement the policies and strategies for development of water and sanitation sector. 
  • Providing technical counseling services as and when required. 
  • Organizing exchange visits (Local and International) 
  • Conducting and supporting research and development program activities.